Circular Solution Saves Water and Energy – Ecolab Case Study (2017)

This case study demonstrates how Nalco Water helped a Nestlé milk production plant in Brazil reduce water consumption by forming a plan to use condensate organic water generated from the production of powdered milk as cooling tower make-up.

Primary Functions

  • Learn how Nalco Water helped Nestlé reduce water consumption at a milk production plant in Brazil, resulting in an annual savings of 175,000 m3 of water and eliminating 25,000 m3 of wastewater effluent.

Detailed Description



As the world’s largest food and beverage company, Nestlé is committed to preserving resources for future generations by:

• Reducing water across its operations

• Using sustainably managed and renewable resources

• Achieving its zero-waste goal

A Nestlé milk production plant in southeastern Brazil challenged its suppliers to develop improvement projects that would deliver energy savings and reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions. In particular, the plant was looking for an economically viable way to reuse the condensate organic water (COW) stream generated by the production of powdered milk. Nalco Water presented a plan that was approved, implemented and delivered sustainability savings within six months.


Nalco Water conducted studies and prepared a water map to identify potential uses for COW water recovery. A work plan followed, which led to the recommendation that the COW water be used as cooling tower make-up.

The solution required a novel approach: creating and installing customized pre- treatment and heat recovery systems along with 3D TRASARTM monitoring and control technology. This had a considerable impact on the plant, reducing costs as well as water and energy use, further supporting Nestlé’s ambitious sustainability goals.




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