Inalca SpA Partners with Ecolab to Reduce Water Use in Rieti Meat Processing Plant (2017)

This case study highlights how Ecolab worked with Inalca SpA to identify methods for reducing water consumption in their meat processing plant located in Rieti, Italy. By updating water treatment technology, boiler automation, and water reuse, Inalca SpA saved 3.7 million gallons of water, 670,300 kWh of energy, and $72,000 in annual operating costs.

Primary Functions

  • Learn about how Inalca SpA, an Italian meat processor, reduced water consumption in their meat processing plant by 3.7 million gallons using new technology and water reuse strategies provided by Ecolab.

  • Detailed Description

Inalca SpA is an Italian meat processor who processes up to 40,000 tons of meat per year in its Rieti plant. In an effort to make their meat processing operations more sustainable, Inalca SpA recruited Ecolab to help them design a plan to reduce water consumption.

Over the course of their partnership with Ecolab, the Rieti plant saved over 3.7 million gallons of water and 670,300 kWh of energy by:

  • replacing an industrial demineralizer plant with a reverse osmosis plant
  • improving boiler reliability through automation
  • reusing cooling water from vacuum pumps as makeup water for evaporative condensers
  • Increasing cooling water reuse and recycling

These improvements allowed Inalca SpA to reduce their annual operations costs by $72,000.





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