Laundry Solution Yields Savings and Guest Satisfaction – Ecolab Case Study (2017)

This case study shows how Ecolab assessed Kinseth Hospitality’s cleaning operations and implemented a program to reduce water use and save energy.

Primary Functions

  • Learn how Ecolab used an innovative chemistry program to help Kinseth Hospitality save 33.3 million gallons of water.

Detailed Description



Dissatisfaction with its current housekeeping service provider compelled a leading U.S. hotel company, Kinseth Hospitality, to ask Ecolab to assess the property’s cleaning operations. A site survey revealed that the laundry service was running a significant number of rewash loads at high water temperatures, wearing down the durability of its linens and driving up energy usage. Additionally, the hotel’s liquid laundry detergent came in large five-gallon buckets, creating safety concerns for employees from product pile-up, potential spills and cramped storage.


Ecolab recommended the AquanomicTM Low-Temp Laundry Solids Program. The innovative chemistry cleans thoroughly in shorter wash cycles using water at 100° compared to 120° F and higher. Lower water temperatures save energy and extend the life of linens. “Employees also appreciate the small, lighter packaging of our solid detergents,” said Jeffrey Sackett, assistant vice president of corporate accounts, Ecolab. “The Aquanomic detergents come in concentrated solids that alleviate safety and storage concerns.” Ecolab conducted a two- month trial for Kinseth Hospitality. After annualizing potential savings for 70 properties, Aquanomic proved to be a superior solution for the company’s laundry operations.




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