Duratex’s Water Measuring Tools (2016)

Duratex showed a 6.6% reduction in water withdrawals in 2015.

Location: Brazil

Issue: Measuring water withdrawals, discharges, and consumption.

Organizations involved: Duratex

Year: 2016

This case study drawn from:

Duratex SA, a Brazil-based materials company, uses water measuring tools from SAP to monitor total volumes of water withdrawals, discharges, and consumption. Its monitoring showed a 6.6% reduction in water withdrawals in 2015, to 5,117 megaliters, partly due to investments in water reuse systems at its Botucatu fiber-board plant.

Its volume of water discharged in 2015 was essentially unchanged, at 2,616 megaliters. The company is making a series of investments in production efficiency at its manufacturing plants and in systems to reuse water. For example, in Taquari, a project was launched to treat and reuse effluents, leading to the complete elimination of effluent disposal from 2017.

The company’s Sustainability Platform includes targets to reduce water withdrawals, and in 2016 it began a program to review its sustainability goals, within a long-term vision for the development of the business. Monitoring of water impacts will be an integral part of that review.