West Coast Refinery Reduces Water Consumption – Ecolab Case Study (2017)

This case study examines the actions taken by a west coast refinery to enhance sustainability and operational performance by partnering with Nalco Champion.

Primary Functions

  • Learn how Nalco Champion helped a west coast refinery in a drought-stricken region save 38 million gallons of water per year.

Detailed Description



When a business depends on water for its operations, being located in a drought- stricken region can pose a serious threat to growth, reliability and reputation. A West Coast refinery knew it had to act quickly to reduce the amount of water it was drawing from the area water supply. So, it sought the help of Nalco Champion, a technology services provider that specializes in water- and energy-saving solutions for oil and gas refineries.


Using its Best Practices Gap Analysis, Nalco Champion identified the refinery’s boiler system as a potential reliability risk. An audit confirmed that poor control of the cycles of concentration was contributing to high water use. Nalco Champion installed a trial of 3D TRASARTM Technology for Boilers, a solution that enhances sustainability performance and operational efficiency, while protecting assets. Before this, the boiler chemistry and cycles had been maintained manually. With its continuous monitoring and immediate responses to system changes, 3D TRASAR significantly improved the boiler system’s reliability and performance, and greatly reduced its water and energy use. Encouraged by such dramatic improvements, the refinery chose to install eight more 3D TRASAR units.




Topics & SDGs

WWF Mitigation