Green Supply Chain: Brand Map (2018)

The Green Supply Chain: Brand Map is a leadership initiative dedicated to showcasing brands’ commitment to supply chain transparency and environmental management.

Primary Functions

  • Research wastewater discharge information and violations from manufacturers.

Detailed Description


The Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) is a non-profit environmental research organization registered and based in Beijing, China. Since its establishment in June 2006, IPE has dedicated itself to collecting, collating and analyzing government and corporate environmental information to build a database of environmental information. IPE’s two platforms – the Blue Map website and the Blue Map app – integrate environmental data to serve green procurement, green finance and government environmental policymaking, using cooperation between companies, government, NGOs, research organizations and other stakeholders and leveraging the power of a wide range of enterprises to achieve environmental transformation, promote environmental information disclosure and improve environmental governance mechanisms.

IPE’s Blue Map Database has collected over 300,000 environmental violation records for factories and other enterprises in mainland China. A number of these factories are suppliers to some of our favorite brands, making the products that we use every day. Only when these factories are pushed to improve their environmental performance will consumers be purchasing environmentally-friendly products and truly be making green choices. And only when brands are pushed to disclose their suppliers’ environmental information will consumers be able to judge which companies are actually reducing their environmental footprints.

Check and share brands’ supply chain environmental management performance.

Since IPE launched the Green Choice Initiative in 2007, the organization has continued to work with international and domestic brands to establish channels for communication and help these brands use IPE’s Blue Map Database to supervise and manage the environmental performance of their suppliers.




Topics & SDGs

WWF Mitigation

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