Valuing Water Database (2019)

The Valuing Water Database aims to help you navigate through an array of tools and approaches to water valuation in order to assist you with finding the right one for your needs.

Primary Functions

  • Access over 100+ water valuation methods and tools.

Detailed Description


Water risk can manifest in many forms – but for companies, the financial value that is potentially affected by water-related events may be paramount.

In 2015, WWF, in conjunction with IFC, put out The Value of Water Report that provided a framework for valuing water and linking this to both water risk and water stewardship. This framework now forms the basis for this section in an effort to provide guidance to those seeking to convert risk into value. Furthermore, the Value section aims to support the High Level Panel on Water’s Bellagio Principles on Valuing Water

The first tab – Valuing Water Database – was borne out of the fact that there are not only many ways to value, but there are many forms of value when it comes to water. Are you talking about the value of water as it relates to tariffs? The value of freshwater ecosystem services? Or a financial analyst looking at how water affects the value of a stock? These are all different forms of value for different users, so the Valuing Water Database helps you navigate through to identify relevant guidance materials and distinguish some of the “valuation tools” (or calculators), in order to help you find the most suitable one.

The “value of water” means different things to different people, and accordingly, it is important to find the right approach and tool for the job. With multiple water valuation methods and tools having emerged over the past 15 years, there has been a growing need to understand how these approaches differ and overlap. Whether aimed at companies, investors, government users, or water utilities, approaches have different audiences, accessibility, and most importantly different outputs.

Covering over 100+ tools and approaches, the Valuing Water Database will help you navigate through to identify the best one for your needs.

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