Water Management Expectations to Companies (2015)

An example of how a financial investor expects companies to manage the challenges and opportunities surrounding water resources.

Primary Functions

  • Four main expectations of investors to companies regarding water management

Detailed Description

Our expectation documents provide high-level guidance for companies. Our expectations are directed at companies with operations or value chains in sectors with high water dependency and in regions exposed to water scarcity, water pollution and other water-associated risks. We expect companies to address sustainable water management in a manner meaningful to their business models and wish to support them in their efforts to manage the risks and pursue the opportunities.

As investors, we analyse opportunities and risks to our investments. Data availability and quality is a requirement for this. We encourage companies to be transparent about the topics raised in this document. Norges Bank Investment Management uses such information to identify how water challenges may affect companies’ performance and prospects, and to assess whether the company board and management are taking relevant steps to develop a long-term business strategy addressing such challenges.




WWF Mitigation

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