Chemicals Management Module (2015)

Benchmark, establish, build, maintain and improve chemicals management processes, and integrate them with other business processes as part of your overall corporate management system.

Primary Functions

  • Benchmark, establish, build, maintain and improve your chemicals management processes and thus reduce water pollution

Detailed Description

The Chemicals Management Module (CMM) is a roadmap for companies to benchmark, establish, build, maintain and improve chemicals management processes as part of an overall corporate management system. It provides a shared strategic guide for companies in the outdoor and fashion industries — and beyond — to better manage chemicals they use to create products.

The CMM indicators will be integrated into the Higg Index — the apparel index tool that the OIA helped develop — in partnership with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, to bolster the chemicals management portion of the Index. The CMM is organized into seven primary objectives that form the building blocks of a robust chemicals management strategy. Within each primary objective is a set of indicators that serve as a checklist of business processes and procedures. The indicators are grouped into 3 levels of action to enable any company to use the Module immediately, and to support continuous improvement: “Foundational”, “Progressive” and “Aspirational.”





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