SWA Tools Portal

This Portal aims to make the tools and resources developed by individual partners that strengthen WASH more accessible and easier to navigate.

Primary Functions

  • Access tools and resources that support the implementation of WASH Building Blocks and Collaborative Behaviours.
  • Learn from different actors who have used the tools.

Detailed Description


SWA has developed this Tools Portal to support countries and development partners to put WASH Building Blocks and Collaborative Behaviours into practice. There are many tools and resources that exist to help national governments strengthen the enabling environment for WASH. Individual partners are continuously developing useful tools and resources, however, these are not always easy to find or navigate. This Portal aims to make such tools and resources more accessible and easier to navigate.


  1. Provide a “one stop shop” through which tools and resources can be selected to support the implementation of WASH Building Blocks and Collaborative Behaviours appropriate to the specific context and purpose for which they are needed.
  2. Provide for a platform facilitating easy access to experiences gained and lessons learned by different actors and in different countries who have used the tools.

Target users

  1. National-level governments aiming to strengthen the WASH sector
  2. Implementing partners
  3. WASH enabling environment tools developers

Tools Criteria

For a WASH tool to be included in this Portal, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Focus on WASH “software” – policies, processes and techniques that help strengthen the WASH enabling environment (upstream). It does not include tools for the implementation of WASH hardware or infrastructure (downstream).
  2. Be primarily focussed on targets 6.1 (water) and 6.2 (sanitation and hygiene) of the SDGs. Case studies/reports etc. that are related to the MDGs should only be included if they are relevant for learning about implementation of SDG6.1 or 6.2.
  3. Be open source (available for use with no license or purchase fees).



Topics & SDGs

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