CDP Global Water Report 2020

This report presents an analysis of the 2,934 companies that reported information about their water risks, impacts and associated responses and strategies through CDP’s water security questionnaire in 2020.

Primary Functions

  • Find insight into how businesses are taking action to mitigate water risk, and how companies can benefit from assessing the financial implications of water risks.

Detailed Description


This report highlights the crucial role of the private sector in building the water-secure, net-zero world that we all need. It aims to inspire companies across all types of industries and geographies to take the action required to achieve this vision. The report demonstrates that acting to address water issues will cost less than the potential impacts of not acting. It showcases innovative business solutions and opportunities that have the potential to catalyze transformation and explores the enablers of transformation, including corporate disclosure.

Transparency on water impacts and risks is higher than ever and must continue accelerating. Despite 2020’s challenges, 2,934 companies disclosed through CDP on water impacts – a 20% increase from 2019.

Investors with over US$110 trillion in assets are requesting companies to disclose on water through CDP in 2021. Companies already disclosing should also encourage key suppliers to report their water impacts and risks, collaborating to build sustainable value chains.

Taking action on water risks is essential for climate action and it makes business sense. It can stimulate economic development and create jobs, contributing to a green economic recovery from COVID-19 in the short term – while also building long-term resilience.

The solutions are here – together, we can reach our 2050 vision for a water-secure, net-zero world.

Source: CDP




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