SWA Webinar Series on COVID-19 and WASH (2020)

This webinar series is organized by SWA and consists of dialogues on COVID-19 and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

Primary Functions

  • Understand key links between COVID-19 and WASH.

Detailed Description


In March 2020, SWA organised a webinar on “COVID-19 and WASH” with presentations by UNICEF and WHO and interventions from partner countries. The webinar was attended by over 1600 participants and focused on the link between COVID-19 and WASH. Building on this, SWA is organising a series of additional dialogues.

The series seeks to achieve a balance between quick turnaround times to take into account the urgency of the Covid-19 emergency, reliability, accuracy and timeliness of information being shared, applicability of findings and approaches from one setting to another and the participation of key political leaders and decision-makers. Additional webinars may be added on demand.

Key links between COVID-19 and WASH will be explored over the coming few weeks to:

  • Enable WASH systems to be more effective tools in the fight against COVID-19;
  • Ensure that WASH systems are further strengthened to provide services during COVID-19;
  • Empower systems to contribute to post-emergency recovery and prepare for future pandemics.

The webinar series will consist of:

  • 1 Global high-level webinar, with Ministerial-level interventions on political prioritisation of WASH in times of COVID-19, and on traditional and innovative financing schemes. This will be organised as a single webinar across different languages and geographical zones.
  • 3 Thematic webinars on specific topics – eliminating inequalities in the COVID-19 response; service provision and availability during the COVID-19 emergency; and the role of partners in the recovery phase. These will be organised in the traditional format for SWA webinars.


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Topics & SDGs

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